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How to get Beta (link in here) and comments

  • Marc

    I posted this as a reply in the complaints forum, here it is for anybody else who's lost:

    I did the searching and figured out how to download the beta. From the primary page (which the wiki software seems to have mucked up quite a bit), click the "Development" link. This will take you to a very long page; the link to the beta files (test versions) is found under the Table of Contents, just under "Getting Started as a Developer or Tester." Click the word "here".

    Or go here:


    As for the website, I think the Wiki is hurting end-users (I mean the normal, just-want-to-download-the-software types) while only profiting those who want to update it. It looks messy and there are just too many links and meta-controls all over the place. It hurts the perception of Freemind when people can't find their way around. So why not use a CMS with a simple template instead? Combine that with straightforward forum software like PunBB (punbb.org) to get people out of 90+ links per-page SourceForge Project Page Land. End of confusion.
    End of Rant. :) If you agree, please honk your horn.

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