FreeMind to JSON export script now on GitHub

  • Tony O'Hagan
    Tony O'Hagan

    I've just pushed this XSLT script for converting FreeMind files to JSON format.

    The XSLT script supports nested indenting and LINK attributes. You might find this script a good starting point for your own custom JSON or Javascript export. It's relatively easy to add additional FreeMind attributes or modify the resulting layout.

    It's MIT Licenced.  If the FreeMind team would prefer the GPL v2 option as well I'm happy to add this.

    I did find one other script that claimed to do this but it was broken and much more difficult to modify.


  • Anonymous

    Hi Tohagan
    Excellent news
    starngely I'm following
    but I can't find the Export using XSLT , when Exporting ? is there something I missed ?


  • Anonymous

    sorry I didn't give more details here they are :
    I follow File > Export … > then in the file browser I have several options
    Flash Animations , Applet Java ….etc
    could it be linked to my french version , or am I simply blind ?


  • Anonymous

    ok I thought it would be something terribly obvious
    I was using freeplane which doesn't have the option anymore
    or maybe it's some where else , if anybody knows
    I DL Freemind and That's all great stuff thx


  • Anonymous

    Hi all
    any idea if it would be possible open a json file
    and see it as an mm ?
    wouldn't that be a leape into Freeminds future :)