Dear users,

this is the last planned alpha version available at

The geographical map feature has evolved a lot.
Moreover, the quick-look plugin is ready for MacOsX.

See for a detailed list of these features.

The exact changes were:

Changes made in FreeMind 1.0.0 Alpha8
* Fixed
* Added spell checking. Thanks to the author Eicke.
* Map positions store its map-source
* Fixed "Jump to last edit location" in combination with automatic layout.
* Map: cursor movements added.
* Search bar added.
* Patch: filter by "not containing icon",, Thanks to the author!
* Patch: File > Open should behave like File > Most Recent Files *, Thanks to the author!
* Added property and functionality: folded nodes are hidden from map view.
* Change map position with drag&drop.
* Added map actions to node's context menu.
* Added quick look plugin to Mac installer (drop it to the library)

Best regards, Chris