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FreeMind Version 1.1.0 Alpha 1

  • Dear FreeMind users,

    the first glance at 1.1.0 is available under


    The most important bug fix concerns the copy/paste mechanisms in shared mindmaps.

    Furthermore, it consists of new versions of the embedded libraries, bugfixes, and a new statistic function visible at the bottom in the status bar. Scripts can now be stopped in the script editor.

    The new functions are not thourougly tested. This is an alpha version.

    Hope you like it,

    Best regards, Chris

    The complete list of changes:

    Changes made in FreeMind 1.1.0 Alpha 1
    Added node statistics to the status bar (inclusive sums of node contents).
    Update jgoodies
    New Export as html page with a single clickable image containing only the links (URLs) or the map.
    Clones can be deactivated by menu
    Menu items are disabled if no map is open
    Fixed persistence of "complete cloning" across cut/paste.
    Groovy update to version 2.1.8, Script stop added to script editor.
    Fixed export to HTML with image with empty nodes.
    Changed openDocument. Thanks to the author, see https://sourceforge.net/p/freemind/patches/147/
    Fixed save of notes, when containing tabs
    Fixed restore of session when opening files from command line
    Update JMapViewer to version 1.02
    Update jibx to 1.2.5 (java 7 compatibility)
    Fixed #1178 [Shared map] Nodes are lost when moving them through drag & drop

  • Just testing 1.1.0 alpha under Windows 7 with Groovy scripting. Runs very smoothly. I had a Groovy issue (using Groovy swing) with version 1.0.1 that seems to have gone away.

    Any plans for a production release of 1.1?