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new version of Freemind flash Browser

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  • jcd

    Hi Juan Pedro,

    I have tried to write other attributes : I used openURL (respecting the case) instead of openUrl, and "principal" (the name of my frame). It does not seem to work either : The map displays the "attribute" icon, the names and values being displayed while hovering over with the mouse. Pretty useful indeed, but not taking in account my "target" parameter ! ;-)

    While having a look at Google with "openUrl", I discovered a Firefox plugin which may be useful for content maps, even if it is not related to this thread...

    Best regards,

  • fnark

    hi, thanks for a such appication.
    If we embedded html code in our map (bold, italic, ...), this html code isn't showing in the flash browser mode. Is't normal ?

  • Adam Hoyle
    Adam Hoyle

    Hey there,

    I think the freemind flash plugin for mediawiki is really fantastic. Only thing is, that because the mindmap is sitting on a wiki I want to be able edit it!

    I know that's a big request, but I am good with actionscript so I'D be able help to add this functionality (if that would help at all). The only part I'm not sure about is mediawiki, and how to save the mindmap back into the wiki (so it keeps wiki version control).

    Any ideas?


  • lenda

    Dear Atom,

    I´ve recently talked with wiki mind map creator about this. See below what he said:

    "You can download the Freemind Flashbrowser and bind it to a html or php just like the example at The browser usually calls an .mm (freemind) file. But you can also call a .php instead which generats an xml file in the structure of an .mm file. That's all on the browser sind. To get the data for the xml genereation you have to have a look on the API of moodle or directly connect to the db. Since MediaWiki offers a nice interface I don't directly connect to the db. Keep on looking on WikiMindMap. If I finally find some time, I'll put it on sourceforge."

    His name is Nyffenegger Felix(

    Good luck,
    Antônio Cordeiro

  • Adam Hoyle
    Adam Hoyle

    Hi Antônio,

    It looks like the API for getting the file from a wiki (lets say mediawiki in this case) is fairly straightforward, whereas saving a file back into a wiki seems to be a lot harder. I've had a quick nose around in the mediawiki php documentation and there does seems to be classes that deal with file upload etc, but I really need to find someone who is an expert in mediawiki coding to see if it's possible to write a script that can save into mediawiki and also to figure out the best architecture for it.

    To be honest, I am not totally loyal to mediawiki, I am also quite partial to moinmoin, or potentially anything that would make this do-able, so if anyone reading this can help, then do please get in touch.



  • lenda


    I need to adapt a filter below (php page)that loads java applet at moodle learnig management course. Could anyone help me set freemind flash Browser up?

    function freemind_filter($courseid, $text) {
        global $CFG;
        //           1               2           3      4
        //          pre           basename     inner   post
        $pattern = '(.+)<a .*href=\&quot;(.+)\.mm.*>(.*)</a>(.*)';

        $match = ereg($pattern,$text,$regs);

            $pre = $regs[1];
            $basename = $regs[2];
            $discarded = $regs[3];
            $post = $regs[4];
            // print "<br/>in freemind_filter, matching text = <![CDATA[" . $text . "]]>";
            // print "<br/>in freemind_filter, pre = " . $pre;
            // print "<br/>in freemind_filter, basename = " . $basename;
            // print "<br/>in freemind_filter, discarded = " . $discarded;
            // print "<br/>in freemind_filter, post = " . $post;
            $width  = '100%';
            $height = '100%';
            //  See if a width parameter has been specified
            $pattern = 'width=([0-9]+)';
            $match = ereg($pattern,$text,$regs);

                // print "<br/>width = " . $width;
            //  See if a height parameter has been specified
            $pattern = 'height=([0-9]+)';
            $match = ereg($pattern,$text,$regs);

                // print "<br/>height = " . $height;
            $text       = $pre . "<br/>";
            $text      .= ' <applet';
            $text      .= ' codebase="./"';
            $text      .= ' archive="' . $CFG->wwwroot . '/filter/freemind/freemindbrowser.jar"';
            $text      .= ' code="freemind.main.FreeMindApplet.class"';
            $text      .= ' width="1000"';
            $text      .= ' height="500"';
            $text  .= '>';
            $text  .= ' <param name="type" value="application/x-java-applet;version=1.4">';
            $text  .= ' <param name="scriptable" value="false">';
            $text  .= ' <param name="modes" value="freemind.modes.browsemode.BrowseMode">';
            $text  .= ' <param name="initial_mode" value="Browse">';
            $text  .= ' <param name="selection_method" value="selection_method_direct">';
            $text  .= ' <param name="browsemode_initial_map" value=' . '"http://localhost/file.php/1/">';

               $text  .= '</applet> ';
            $text  .= "<br/>" . $post;
            //  Finally, make all replacements
            $search = array();
            $search[0] = "/XXXXXX/";
            $search[1] = "/YYYYYY/";
            $search[2] = "/ZZZZZZ/";

            $replace = array();
            $replace[0] = $width;
            $replace[1] = $height;
            $replace[2] = $basename;

            $text = preg_replace($search, $replace, $text);
        return $text;


  • Georger Araujo
    Georger Araujo

    Hi Juan Pedro,
    I have deployed your Flash browser, both standalone and as a MediaWiki plugin, and I am pleased to say GREAT WORK!
    I want to suggest two additions.
    First, I would like to be able to pass the background color as a parameter. The default is white, but MediaWiki's default skin also uses white for background color, and some of my users had problems because they could not see the map boundaries and tried to drag the map around clicking outside, to no avail. If I can define the bgcolor to #CCCCCC, it will be trivial for them to see what is the map and what is the text area for the wiki page.
    Second, it looks like the offsetX parameter can not be set to a numeric value, nor positive nor negative. It works OK with the "left" value, but I do not want the root node of my mindmap exactly centered, nor left aligned - I want to move it just a bit to the left, because the child nodes to the right have a fair bit ot text, even with multiple lines.
    Once again, thanks for the great work! Regards,


  • JuanPedro

    Hello all, just an small update: 1.0b

    for Georger:
    new attributes:
      -bgcolor: the value should be in the form "0xaabbcc"
      -now offsetX and offsetY works ok with numbers.

    I have probe openUrl: to open a page in another frame and works ok for me. Can you send me an example not working for you? example: <FRAME src="anything.html" name="frame2"> and openUrl="frame2".

    Rui Carmo:
    new attributes:
      -baseImageMap: will be added to all the images ej:"/images/"
      -CSSfile: full path to the css file ej: "/css/file.css"

    Dimitry: I haven't got yet a solution for the number of nodes, but I will try.


    Juan Pedro.

  • jcd

    Hi Juanpedro,

    I have tested once again my mindmap on my site, and it does not seem to work...
    You should try this (HTML):

    <html><head><title>Le site</title>

    <BASE HREF="">

    <meta name="Geography" content="paris france">
    <meta name="Language" content="french">
    <meta http-equiv="Expires" content="never">
    <meta name="distribution" content="Global">
    <meta name="Robots" content="INDEX,FOLLOW">
    <meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;charset=ISO-8859-15">

    <FRAMESET COLS="17%, 83%">
    <FRAME NAME="barre" SRC="barre.html">
    <FRAME NAME="principal" SRC="surcesite.html">

    <H1 align=center>Il semble que votre navigateur ne supporte pas la gestion des cadres. C'est pas graaaave !!<br>
    <A Href="accueil2.html" target="_top">Cliquez donc ici pour continuer...</A></H1>


    The mindmap is on the server, already, and to access it, you have to go to "Accès aux cartes radiales". I have modified one of the node using openUrl="principal", it is the "Yin Yang (content)" node. When I click on the node, it opens a new tab.

    At this very moment, I wonder if I have the right FM_Flashbrowser version...


  • JuanPedro

    Hello Jean-Charles,
    I think that you have to change the html no the mindmap. You should change the html

    and modify the line
    fo.addVariable("openUrl", "contenus");
    fo.addVariable("openUrl", "principal");

    that should work.

    The version in your server is v.98 and the las one is v1.0b.

    Cheers :-)

    Juan Pedro.

  • jcd

    Hi Juan,

    I have applied what you told...And it works !!

    Thank you very much,

  • awd-s

    Juan Pedro,

    A note to tell you how much I appreciate your excellent software. It installed without trouble and works extremely well, making my mind-maps visible to anyone. The links to other maps work, and node-notes pop-up when the cursor hovers over them. You can see the result at this URL:

    Thanks again,

  • Hello,

    I have found following request in our wiki, and I just want to forward it here.


    Auto Fit Feature Request

    I don't know if it is possible, but it would be really nice to have a parameter that would be the same as clicking the "FIT" button in the flash viewer. That way a page will load in a viewable state for those who may not be as familiar with FreeMind flash viewer.

  • Robert Buzink
    Robert Buzink

    hi Juan Pedro,

    I think your mindmap browser is great! I'd like to use it to create a site-mindmap of a mediawiki site that is accessible from every mediawiki-page. If it is ready, I release it as a mediawiki plugin that works together with the mediawiki freemindmap flash browser plugin.

    It would be great if I could start a (dynamically generated) mm file from any node, so that a user starts in the mindmap at the point he/she is browsing the wiki.

    Do you think it would be difficult to make a variable that defines a node to start from?

    fo.addVariable('startnode','book') would than unfold the mindmap up to first/highestlevel node it finds called 'book' and than center that node.

    Please let me know what you think!


    • Emerson C
      Emerson C

      It would be great also if the current mediawiki plugin could take a parameter that would start the map inside mediawiki with a certain node selected.

  • Robert Buzink
    Robert Buzink

    Hi everybody,

    Felix Nyffenegger created a webservice that represents some mediawiki wiki's (like the english wikipedia) as a mindmap, starting from a given keyword. You can find it at

    The php-script he wrote that dynamically generates a mm-file based on a keyword and a mediawiki wiki, might be of interest to you. He released it under GPL at It's the getpages.php file that is most interesting.

    It searches for a given keyword at for example the english wikipedia and represents the results as a mm file. It takes the article with the name of the keyword, creates branches for each section within that article and subbranches for subsections and finally subbranches for all links within a (sub)section. Internal and external links are represented differently.

    Very usefull for everybody that wants to work with mindmaps that are dynamically generated based on some sort of database (mysql,files,websites). Thanks Felix.


  • Andrew

    SUBJ: Color of Graphical Links in Flash Browser

    I've got a rather complex mind map and I've used the Graphical Link functionality to add visual cues for cross-fork relationships. The graphical links look fine in FreeMind, but are extremely difficult to see in the Flash Browser. I've tried all 9 background colors and none of them make the graphical links stand out as well as they do in FreeMind.

    How can I change / enhance the appearance of the graphical links in the Flash Browser?

    Note: I did change one of the Arrow Link Colors to black (R=G=B=0) in FreeMind and it showed as black in the Flash Browser. It is a work-around, but not very practical. It is cumbersome to have to change the color of every graphical link after you insert them.

    FreeMind 0.8.0 / Flash Browser 1.0b

    • W. Winder
      W. Winder

      Same problem here: graphical links are too light to see. I did see someone that had made one link, at least, red, and it was showing up. Not sure how s/he did it.

      • W. Winder
        W. Winder

        Nope, wrong about that: I just had to re-adjust the color and presto, it works.

        So, no bug here, as far as I can tell. Could be that freemind and the flashbrowser do not have exactly the same colors, but close enough.

      • Andrew

        It's a usability issue.  As I said in my original post, I was able to change the Arrow Link color in FreeMind (only tried pure black and pure red and both work) and it shows up correctly in Flash Browser.  It is cumbersome, however, to have to change the color of the graphical links every time you add them.

        Some better coordination is needed between FreeMind and Flash Browser w.r.t. color palettes.  (Does Adobe Flash use only a web-safe 256-color palette?)  Alternately, I think it would be possible to add variables to the Flash Browser call to override FreeMind colors.

  • jcd

    Hi Juan Pedro,

    I would submit two ideas for flash browser :
    - It would be interesting to choose a custom background, to say "uploading a picture" or something like that. Imagine a "sand", a "parchment", a "lenox globe" or a watery background...
    - On my website, I use META TAG "description" content to put it as a note on each node. I wonder if it would be possible to read this note automatically from the <HEAD> zone of the page, but more important is that the "search" box being able to look into all node descriptions, not just node text...

    Best regards,

  • duhastmich


    No comment on my earlier suggestions?

    If you don't like them, at least shoot them down:)

  • Taka

    Hi JuanPedro,

    I don't think the newly added attribute 'CSSfile' is working.
    I tried it with both 'CSSfile' and 'cssFile', but it always tries to
    get flashfreemind.css under the directory of the page where the freemind
    flash object is embedded.

    Could you check please?


  • Tim Casada
    Tim Casada

    Hi Juan Pedro,

    Let me first says thanks for developing such a useful tool!  I have a Subversion repository that we keep our mindmap (.mm) files in.  Ideally, I would like to have a static URL set up on my Apache server and simply pass in the path to the Subversion mind map file location to bring up a given mind map without having to have the mm file in a specific folder.

    I have tried changing the line:


    The problem is that whenever I put a URL into the parameter the flash component loads in the browser, but no map gets loaded.  Is there any way to allow me to pass in a full URL?

    Thank You

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