Installation notes

  • Vic_J

    I'm writing to suggest that installation instructions (for all platforms and particularly for linux) are added to the zip file. The reason I ask is that it's not imediately obvious.
    I almost gave up on freemind - I saw that the downloads page for linux (rpm and deb) hadn't been updated for a long time - since 2008. On the offchance that the zip file may work for linux I downloaded it. Unzipping it, I saw .exe and .bat files. No README or Install.txt file... so I thought I'm not going to be able to install it.

    However, I'd missed the .sh file. Only when I searched the forums as a last hope and came accross this thread did I realise it was possible

    Can something like the following be put into a README file in the bin-zip file? I'm an experienced linux user and I got tripped up - I think new users may also need some guidance. Thanks

    Installation notes:
    Unzip the file into a permanaent directory on the hard drive.

    1) Verify java is installed - at the command line run
    java -version
    If you get a not installed message, use your distributions package manager to install java. Then verify again.

    2) Go to the directory where you unpacked the zip file.

    3) At the command line run (without quotes)
    "chmod +x"

    4) To run freemind, at the command prompt type (without quotes)

    5) Copy the patterns file to the hidden freemind directory that will have been created in your home directory. eg at the command line
    cp patterns.xml ~/.freemind

    You can create a shortcut menu entry to run the above command.

    If you have a 32bit PC - run the Freemind.exe file
    If you have a 64bit PC - run the Freemind64.exe file

    To run freemind, run freemindw.bat