Crimson in freemind

  • John Guthrie
    John Guthrie

    Hello all,

    I was wondering what is crimson used for in freemind.  Apparently, the
    crimson project has not had any updates since 2001 or 2002.  When I grep for the string crimson in the entire Freemind source, it only seems to come up in classpaths as well as some .jar files that are shipped with the distribution.  But it never comes up in any actual source code.

    This makes it kind of strange that we would still have it some of the
    classpaths, since the class name of every class in the crimson-1.1.3.jar file starts with the string "org/apache/crimson".  (At least according to the jar tf" command.)

    So this leaves me wondering is possible to remove the references to crimson from the classpaths, or at least is it possible to install freemind on a system that does not have crimson installed and have freemind work.

    I am currently using freemind-0.9.0-Beta_20 on a system running Fedora 9.

    Thank you very much for a wonderful application.


    John Guthrie

    • Eric L.
      Eric L.


      crimson is only part of the sources and is/was used by the Collaboration/Jabber plugin, which is currently discontinued and not part of the binary distribution.