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How to change direction of a node


  • Anonymous

    Hi, great software but can you tell me how to do the following?

    I can create a child node on the right of the root so that the drag handle appears on the left of the node. But how can I switch the node to the left hand side of the root, so that the drag handle appears on the right of the node? Simply dragging the node does not alter the location of the drag handle???

  • Argey

    I had this problem some years ago when I first used FreeMind, probably because I also use MindManager which works differently.

    In the example you gave, drop it on the _root node's_ left side not the space on the left of the map.  The root will shade nicely to show it recognizes the drag.  When you release, it will appear on the left of the map with the drag handle repositioned as you want it.

    Its position on the left will be chosen automatically, so next you may want to drag it elsewhere.