FreeMind 1.0.0 Beta 2

  • Dear FreeMind users,

    now, the second beta version of FreeMind 1.0.0 is available.

    "Beta" indicates, that there is no big risk of data loss, but some of the new features may not work as expected.

    Observe, that maps, when saved with this version, can't be opened with the stable release 0.9.0 afterwards, as the file format is enhanced in 1.0.0.


    Best regards, Chris. FreeMind's director

    The exact changes:

    Changes made in FreeMind 1.0.0 Beta2
    * Search positions are displayed in map in red.
    * Export of multiple nodes as PDF (for each node, there will be one separate PDF) possible.
    * FIX: Toolbar can be hidden
    * Time management: menu added and a method for journals: make new node with current date.
    * FIX: Text based exports are using the correct order for the first level nodes.
    * NEW: If you have addresses as nodes, these can be displayed on the osm-maps very quickly
    * NEW: Find as you type: if you type an address to search for in the geographical map view,
      the find window is opened.
    * NEW: Menu item to display current log file added.
    * NEW: Added support for osm's new transport map
    * NEW: Added support for osm's new MapQuest.Open map


  • Anonymous

    Fantastic work, I've used freemind/freeplane heavily and have written a massive script that converts mind maps to journal papers. More on that at another time. I just wanted to point out that, in the new Freemind, the spell checker does not work on in the "Edit Long Node" box. Spellcheck is the key feature I've need for a long time, and is the only reason I use freeplane. It seems that you have spellcheck now, but it doesn't apply to the long node box. Is this an easy fix?

  • Hi,

    spell checking is now enabled in long node edit too.
    Actually I was just not aware of that feature ;-)



  • Anonymous

    Copy/paste branches seems to be broken - sub-branches get turned into bullet points!

  • Hi,

    > Copy/paste branches seems to be broken - sub-branches get turned into bullet points!

    you're right, I'm working on it.

    Thanks, Chris

  • wang xuguang
    wang xuguang

    I have a requirement.  While I using freemind, I use physics style to mark knowledge node and task node.  Normally the children of task node is task node, and the children of knowledge node of knowledge node. So I want the child node can inherit the physics style of parent node.

  • Hi,

    your feature request is already implemented. In the "Manage stils", you can select "Child Pattern" and choose the same again. Thus, all children (and deeper) get the same pattern.

    HTH, Chris

  • Hi,

    to promote the location feature, I've made a screen cast available here:

    Have fun,


    PS: This is my first screen cast. Comments are welcome ;-)


  • Anonymous

    The screencast was helpful to understand the new features.



  • Anonymous

    Hi, really good work. I have found a bug (all versions, also this beta 1.0). If you export a Map in Flash Format, the links in the map (nodes, anywhere) doesn't work anymore. Only the linkadress is shown but noch clickable to open it in the browser.


  • Anonymous

    Using Beta2, I'm observing serious issues with clone nodes which make the feature unusable.

    1) Clone nodes cease being clone nodes after some file saves
    2) Adding child-nodes to pasted clones (pressing ins) added child-nodes to the original node but not the clone. Deleting these subnodes from the original was not possible.
    3) If child nodes cloned (separately) from one parent node and clone-pasted as children onto an unrelated parent node were re-ordered or moved around inside the new parent node, then the originals were *duplicated* - I ended up with three copies in the old location.

    In other words, all sorts of breakey-breakey mayhem. Anyone else experienced this?

  • Hi,

    I observed, that the clones don't work with automatic layout. (Fixed in git.) Do you use this?

    HTH, Chris