#14 FreeMind 2 MediaWiki Export

Stefan Jernberg

First version of export to Wiki format.


  • Can this be added to an official release?

  • Thank you.

    The name "mm2wiki.xsl" should better be modified to tell which wiki format is used, such as "twiki" or "mediawiki".

    Into which wiki markup does the sheet export? Is it "Twiki", "Mediawiki" or another wiki?


    • summary: FreeMind 2 Wiki Export --> FreeMind 2 MediaWiki Export
  • Export to MediaWiki format

  • Improved bulleted lists

  • Thank you.

    To your so far unanswered question on whether the sheet can be added to an official release:

    FreeMind 0.9.0 has a feature freeze, but I see no problem with adding "mm2mediawiki.xsl" to it as a file to accessories folder. It can be done in such a way that there is no integration of the sheet with Java, so there is no need of new texts to be translated, and no new bugs can be introduced into the core FreeMind. There can be some bugs or imperfections in the sheet itself, but these would not be regression bugs, anyway.


  • Change the name of xsl and the menu entry to better reflect that the export is to media wiki

  • Menu Hook

  • Plug-in description

  • Transformation file

  • The XSLT ignores rich text formatting of long nodes, failing to export lists and tables in rich text nodes as lists and tables in MediaWiki markup. It exports rich text formatted nodes as plain text nodes with all the formatting lost. It follows from tests that I have made. --Dan

  • Hello Stefan,

    I reworked your xslt file and included it in the last Freeplane version. Use File->Export-> Using XSLT and select Mediawiki from the drop-down list.