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  • Hi,

    for your privacy, I've removed the parts with your map contents out of your posts.

    (see parts EDIT by FC: Content removed...).

    First, the good news: there seems to be plenty content present, but there are some chars in it, that are not allowed in XML. I don't know, how they entered your content, but they are present ( and  or something).

    So, have a look at your log files, and check, whether or not, the content is present.
    Next option would be to cut/paste the content to a new (not encrypted) map and to remove these chars (the line numbers are given in the log files).

    Can you remember, what you did on editing the maps? Did you paste some staff from HTML or other sources directly?

    When you identify the wrong chars, where do they come from?

    HTH, Chris

    Last edit: Christian Foltin 2014-01-01