#984 Toolbars can't be dragged back to edges once dettached

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I tried to rearrange the toolbars by dragging them; initially I was able to "stick" the top toolbar to the left edge, but since this resulted in a very wide toolbar I decided to drag it back to the top of the window. On doing so I found the toolbar would not "stick" to the top where it had previously been, despite repeated attempts. As I am working on a netbook (small screen), the now "floating" toolbar is actually hanging off the top of the screen, so I can't drag one of the toolbars (the one with the print button & zoom dropdown etc) at all as the top is off the edge of the screen (this also means I can't use many of the items on this toolbar either, as some of the buttons are hidden off screen). I am able to drag the part containing the save button etc, but it won't "stick" to the top OR the side (where I had put it before), so I am now just left with toolbars floating around! I can toggle them on & off, but when I toggle them back on again they are still floating, and I am still unable to reattach them. I don't think this is a case of "dumb user doing it wrong" as I have never had such a problem with any other software, despite being the kind of person that likes to rearrange toolbars to suit the way I work.


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    toolbar off edge of screen

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    Sorry, forgot to provide specs:
    Windows 7 Starter edition (on a Samsung netbook)
    FreeMind 0.8.1