#917 left right mouse wheel scrolling don't work

Windows (184)

up down mouse wheel scrolling working ok, but left right don't work


  • Same issue in FreeMind 0.9.0 RC7

  • Non-regression issue, found in all versions of FreeMind. Probably a feature request. Detail follows.

    From what I understand, this bug refers to lacking support for mice (mouses) that have a dedicated support for scrolling left and right. The bug does not refer to using a mouse wheel while holding shift, an action that achieves scrolling left and right in FreeMind. This estimate follows from a user post in a forum: "I have a mouse which has both vertical and horizontal scroll ..., but horizontal scroll doesn't work with Freemind." Thanks to nixfrei for pointing this out.

    If this is correct, this bug report is more of a feature request. If seen as a bug, it is a non-regression one, as FreeMind never had a dedicated support for these special kind of mice.