#802 Long node editor not below node

Ryan Wesley

This seems to apply to both the plain text long node editor and Simply HTML. The editor does not pop up below the node, but either in the middle of the screen or near the top.

I tested on two versions of Linux (PCLOS 2007 & Mepis 7.0), FM RC1, Java 1.6.

Can anyone verify? It is very annoying and would affect a lot of users.



  • Ryan Wesley
    Ryan Wesley

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  • Hi,

    I can't reproduce this. The position of alt+i or the question for long/wysywyg editor: are they positioned correctly? Do you use two screens or the like?


  • Ryan Wesley
    Ryan Wesley

    Correct place

  • Ryan Wesley
    Ryan Wesley

    Hi Chris,

    I mean the long node/WYSIWYG editor.

    When I type some text into Freemind and then open the long node editor to revise it, the editor should pop up nicely beneath the node. It always used to work properly. I have the option "Edit long node window-->Position window below node" checked.


  • Ryan Wesley
    Ryan Wesley

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  • Ryan Wesley
    Ryan Wesley

    I'm on RC 3 now.


  • I can confirm this erroneous behavior.

    FreeMind 0.9.0 RC3, Windows Vista, Java 1.6.0.

    The setting Tools > Preferences > Environment > Position Window Below Node: Checked - Yes

    1. Create a long node with multiple lines.
    2. Press Alt + R to make it a rich node.
    3. Press End to edit the node

    The editing window appears above the node. It should appear below the node.

    However, the editing windows sometimes appears below the node; the behavior is non-deterministic or it depends on some factor of which I am unsure. It seems to depend on whether the edited node is currently in the upper part of the screen or the lower part of the screen, but the position on the screen is still not uniquely determining.

    Also, before the editing window opens, the map skips, moving the edited node around, which I for one find unpleasant, in any case differing from FreeMind 0.7.1.

  • The issue is still there in 0.9.0 RC6. To increase the reproducibility, I have now created a more specific scenario or procedure that seems to yield the problem always. It is the following.

    First, create a node that contains the following text:







    That is, there are the letters a, b, c, d, e, f, each separated from the next by two newlines.

    Then, copy and paste the node two times as its own children, so that, if the original node was A, the result looks like the following:

    ---- B
    - A
    ---- C

    where B and C are the exact copies of the node A, and are its children.

    Now when you edit C, the node editor opens above C.

    There is a related behavior that is odd, concerning the height of the editing window. When I press F2 to edit A (whose children are B and C), the editing windows is opened as rather high, much higher than the editing window opened when I go edit B, although the node A is exactly as high as B. It seems as if the height of the editing window were determined based not on the height of the node alone but rather based on the height of the rectangle taken by the node and its children, which is of course higher than the rectangle taken by the node alone without its children.