#768 icon list scrolls very slowly with scroll wheel

Linux (67)
Filip Bouljon

When I scroll through the icon list at the left of my screen, it only moves a few pixels per scrollwheel tick.
I would expect it to move by a few icons instead to make it usable.

(on OpenSUSE Linux 10.3, i386, KDE 3.5.7)


  • Eric L.
    Eric L.

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  • Eric L.
    Eric L.

    Hi Chris,

    it's true that the scroll-wheel makes the icon toolbar ("secondary toolbar") scroll very slowly. I don't think it's a graphical problem, it seems to be just a code/config issue, probably relatively easy to fix.
    I set nevertheless the priority to 4 as I don't think it needs to be fixed for 0.9.0, the easy workaround is to grab the scrollbar with the mouse and quickly move the icons.


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