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I have found a little bug when changing the style of a node (I am sorry if the terms are not correct since I use the french version of FreeMind)

In the menu called "Présentation" in french (5th one from the left) that I would translate as Layout there are Two options at the top for modifying the design of a node "Bulle" et "Branche" which I have found in the XML of the mindmap to be translated as "bubble" and "fork" after the tag STYLE.

When you apply a style to a node, either bubble or fork, you change all its children to the same style (I suppose this is normal) but if you select the parent of this node and apply another style, the style does not cascade to the children.

I am not sure I am clear so here is an example of this.
The first parent is named FatherNode, and as two children named child1 and child2 (which may have children too).
Then you set child1 to have bubble style.

When you set FatherNode to bubble then back to fork, child1 stays as bubble.
Cascading does not work.

Removing all the STYLE=... directive from the xml restores the standard functionning of the switch.


PS: Sorry if this is an already known bug, I haven't found it when searching


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  • Ray Benjamin
    Ray Benjamin

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    I believe this is how this is supposed to work, but perhaps we need a better way to show the user that a node has its own style.

    Cascading styles works such that a node uses the style of its parent node, unless you apply a style to it. Then, it retains it's own style, unless you tell it to use its parent's style. This can be confusing, at first, but later you'll find it is logical.

    I would suggest we add a new feature, after 0.9.0, where we place a small icon on each node that has a separately applied style.

    -- Ray

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    I understand what you mean: the parent style should apply to its children unless the children has a style of its own that has been previously applied to it. And this is the way I see things too.

    However I haven't found a way to restore the style of the child to be the style of its parent.
    Once you set a style to the child it is independant from the parent.

    So the problem is when you say "unless you tell it to use its parent's style" : I've never managed to tell the child to use the style of its parent after modifying its style, the child stays with the last applied style to it, no matter the style of the parent.
    Unless there is already a way to do it that I haven't found.

    I would suggest to add a style "set to parent style" to restore the cascading from the parent to its children.
    The menu would have three options, plus a question "apply to the children too" (YES/NO) that would be asked for each style applied.
    With this method you could apply a style to a single node (new behaviour) or to a node and all its children (existing behaviour) and also restore the cascade parent/children with new option (missing).

    Well, this is perhaps too much for now :) , restoring the cascade would be nice.


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