#1143 Freemind Hangs on startup - Only with OpenJDK

Alexandre Seabra

This bug is related in #966 for version 0_9_0 but also happens to the master brach. To simulate it, leave some files opened, close de aplication. Manually change .mm version to a newer (doesn't really need to exist). Try open de aplication it will "complain" about the document version and IF USING OPENJDK on linux it will HANG FOREVER.

It happens because OpenJDK doesn't really follow the setVissible documentation. It get stuck and never release the main thread. I see 2 solution:
- We can manage semaphores not letting the code get stuck on setVisible("true") in OptionalDontShowMeAgainDialog class.
- We can check JVM version and suppress the load latest files functionality.

I can solve those problems, but I am not sure how submit the patches, I already sent a patch to anothe bug but I am not sure you guy got it.


  • See the splash screen frozen for lots of minutes.... I finished writing the bug report and still not finished.

  • I also got a threadDump. That how I find out the bung on OpenJDK.

  • Hi,

    please submit your patch as an attachement. TIA, Chris

  • Foltin,

    The new version java 7 of OpenJDK fixed the bug. So, discard this patch. suppressing the whole functionality even if the user have the java 7 might not be a good idea. I'll make a new patch for OpenJDK lower than java 7.

  • Hmm,

    disabling this very useful feature seems to be a little to hard, for me. Isn't there another workaround? Perhaps, one can close the Splash earlier, use SwingUtilities.invokeLater etc.

    Br, Chris