#1079 Will not start in Mountain Lion Preview


Neither .9 or 1.0 will successfully launch in Mountain Lion Preview 10.8 12A128p. Both open to an inactive blank map with all icons correctly displayed but inactive. No deeper analysis performed. Do not know if this is FreeMind or pre-release OS X issue.


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    Using Mountain Lion official release, I am unable to launch it either. I get this message, instead:


    Clicking the (?) pictured in the lower left corner, I am presented with this explanation:

    The app has been modified or damaged
    The app’s code does not match the original code that was signed. The app has been modfied, or it may be broken or corrupted or have been tampered with. If you feel that an app has been damaged or tampered with, you should delete it by dragging it to the Trash.

    Some apps and tools, such as AppleScript applications and some legacy tools, modify themselves after signing. These types of apps cannot be opened unless the Gatekeeper settings in the Security & Privacy preferences is set to “Anywhere.”

    Open the General pane of Security & Privacy preferences

    For more information about protecting your Mac from harmful software, see this help topic:

    Protect your Mac from malware

    I have even tried right-clicking on the application, and clicking open (the common way to get an application's signature accepted by Gatekeeper). This does not work either.

    What does work, however, is running this from the terminal:


    The app runs, but no icon is found in the doc, nor does the application show in mission control.

    I would presume the application was signed, then modified after-the-fact.

    I am seeing these symptoms with 1.0.3 and 1.0.5 beta, OS X 10.8.0

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