#1040 I find the XSLT export dialog looks strange

Sean Wang

I enjoy using Freemind and I found it a fantastic tool for my work. Since I am from Chinese, I am using the Chinese version of Freemind, and it looks great. However, when I use the XSLT exporter to export to XSLT, I found the export dialog remain untranslated. I know the meaning of some words but I still have to look up the dictionary to work on it. I looked into the source code and I found some strings in the xslt export plugin are still hard coded, such as "Choose XSL File " at the line 118 of the \accessories\plugins\util\xslt\ExportDialog.java. There are still other such strings at line 88, 134, 147, 155, 164, 173, 247, 248 and 260.
Thank you and your excellent work!


    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Hi,

    but now, a chinises traduction is necessary. A job for you?