#4 Daily Monthly Usage Logs


Currently, it would seem that FM has a maximum logging
interval of 60 minutes and that each new log overwrites
the old one. I believe FreeMeter would be much more
useful if it could log daily usage (by system date, not
a 24 hour countdown). Perhaps also adding another
feature that allows users to see their usage from
within FreeMeter instead of accessing the log itself.

Sample Output:

Date DL UL
20060725 2000 MB 400 MB
20060726 1342 MB 132 MB
20060727 493 MB 34 MB
20060728 3293 MB 243 MB

200607** 7128 MB 809 MB

20060801 231 MB 12 MB
20060802 348 MB 6 MB

Thank you for FM and I hope you will consider my

- AnonymousCoward <frmpost312@hotmail.com>


  • pho

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  • pho

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    You can see usage over the total time freemeter has been
    running (but lose it when you shut it off) and hourly usage
    for last 24 hours in the Utilities-> Totals log menu item.
    Also, mieszko is working on exaclty the other features you
    mentioned, Dialy,Monthly, etc permanent totals. i do not
    have information on when he will be done with them, tho.

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    yes i'll do it - no problem, but i don't know exactly when,
    becouse of some major changes in my life, but i think that
    i'll finish it till the end of september. i'll do my best,
    send my any ideas you have or write it in feature requests.
    regards, miechu.

  • Gregor K.
    Gregor K.

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    I would love to see this feature too...
    Currently I'm using this tool, which I pay for
    The great advantage is that it allows you to filter LAN
    traffic from the calculation and I can monitor if I go over
    my monthly DSL bandwidth limit...
    Also other features it has are nice like cummulative
    bandwidth calculation in realtime of all PCs in my
    network... which makes traking my ISP bandwidth limit even

  • pho

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    gregork, that is one huge complicated tool. looks very good
    though, for its purpose. I prefer to keep freemeter simple.
    Things i wont be implementing are:

    1) communication between freemeters running on different
    computers on your LAN.

    2) IP/port monitoring, since this requires actual packet
    sniffing to be done. which means no LAN filtering, or
    breakdown by source and destination IP/port or protocol.

  • Gregor K.
    Gregor K.

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    Ok, I completly understand this. Actually I should now from
    the project I'm working on how crazy user requests are ;)

    Well I might have a different understanding what huge and
    complicated is, but I see that freemeter is targeted
    differently, though there are quite similarties between
    these two tools and I just though I could be able to give
    some ideas of what else could be done with such a nice tool.

    Anyway nice work!