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Systray Graph

  • Static_Nexus

    Hi guys!

    Is it possible to change the type of graph used in the systray? I Dont like the current graph i dont think its very helpful, is it possible to make it like this?


    also when i disable "Show Desktop Meter" and restart the program i get this:

    Message: Parameter is not valid.
    Stack trace:

       at System.Drawing.Bitmap..ctor(Int32 width, Int32 height, PixelFormat format)
       at FreeMeter.Form1.Form1_Borders()
       at FreeMeter.Form1..ctor()
       at FreeMeter.Form1.Main()

    • ok, thanks for the suggestion - i'll add a new feature with the next release (i hope this is not a cheap ripoff from another bandwith monitor...), and i'll also fix that bug. thanks again


    • damn, i've just looked at the url... i'll be a ripoff... can you suggest maybe another look for this feature?

    • Static_Nexus

      hi Mieszko,

      i cant think of anything else, i just know that it would be really useful to have it show an upload bar and download bar instead of the existing graph. its a lot clearer. i mean it doesn't have to look exactly like that...

      • ok, i'll think of something

    • Static_Nexus

      Ok cool :)

      i used to use bandwidth monitor pro, but it stopped working with my wifi card in vista so i started looking for an alternative. i think this ones pretty good minus the 2 comments in my first post. i hope it gets added, let me know how it goes?

      • i'll respond to this thread so just subscribe to it ;) although i can't say when it'll be done - i've got a bunch of other projects that i'm involved in and to be honest freemeter is not on to of the list, so you'll have to wait for that...

    • Hi there static_nexus,

      I'm responding to your post: yeah I'll implement that feature, no problem and I'm still working to resolve that crash at startup.