FreeMarker 1.6.2 released

FreeMarker 1.6.2 is now available. This release is primarily to get the latest Expose package out to the community. Major new features in Expose are:

* Full JDOM support in org.szegedi.expose.jdom.NodeListModel.
Supports variety of JDOM tree traversals (even recursive), using a set of nodes as a list, text and attribute value as scalars, and even a complete XPath support built on top of the third-party werken.xpath library.
See examples/jdom.

* Ant support built on top of JDOM support. Now you can use FreeMarker as an Ant task that takes a bunch of XML documents, processes them through a template and outputs the result in a directory. Great for generating documentation, SQL scripts,
etc. See examples/ant for an example of how to convert a theoretical FreeMarker FAQ from XML to HTML using Ant and FreeMarker.

FreeMarker 1.6.2 can be downloaded from the FreeMarker web site, at:

Posted by Nicholas Cull 2001-08-17