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FreeLords is a turn-based-strategy game. Explore, occupy, produce armies in cities and kill your enemies.


October 2012: Release 0.0.3 The first release again with a GUI. Apart from a few simple dialogs to show, we have finished the code for loading a game (not yet implemented into the server/client scheme), and added the concept of server-side "rooms", which allows servers to host, among other things, more than one game in parallel.

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User documentation

Under construction. Needs a runnable GUI again before this can be updated.

Developer documentation

Newcomers will probably want to read this page first.

The first approach to code a Java game grew out of hand rather quickly. This was mostly because there was a lot of interdependencies and plain magic within the code. So we decided to start anew and stick to a few rules when coding. These rules are mandatory, so if you plan on coding seriously on the project, get acquainted with them:

  1. Over the years, we have put together a few game concepts, i.e., thoughts of how the game should look like. You might want to read them to get an overall idea.
  2. We use a project management style somewhat similar to extreme programming. This also defines the roles that you can take on as a developer.
  3. For the actual coding, there are a handful of coding rules to follow. Most notably, we use test-driven development, where you start coding by writing a unit test for the new functionality, then implement the bare minimum of code that fulfills the test, then refactor the code.
  4. To track the tasks to do, we use a Kanban board. Basically, a sticker board with the stickers representing the tasks and their position representing the current status.
  5. Code is committed to a git repository, with a handful of restraints.
  6. There is a road map for the next handful of releases. The goals are usually discussed every now and again.
  7. Some technical documentation about the Server package directory structure.


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