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nothing happens after sending login

  • Cucu

    The system worked last week, but now I cannot log in. When I start it, I get the login screen. After I type in admin/admin the screen goes away and nothing happens. The user name and password appear to be correct. If I mistype them I get a "login failed" message. I am also able to login to the MySQL database directly through MySQL Query Browser and see the FREELIMS tables and their contents. What can I do to figure out what is going on?

    • tomster71

      there was exactly that error in some of the 1.6x Versions. It is definitly fixed in the latest commercial edition: Please download and install the com Version from here (also re-run the database scripts):


  • I am having the same problem. After logging in once and changing the freelims
    reports and documents directory and restarting it just disappears and does not
    come back. Reinstalling the freelims does not work. I assume because it saved
    the directories in the database? So dropping the database and reusing the
    script might work? Remember this is the only method for support for freelims
    and buying the commercial version was not what I wanted to do to test to see
    if it will meet are needs.

    Thank You,


  • Georg Strömer
    Georg Strömer


    it should work in the newest stable version. Please send an email to
    info@labmatica.com with your complete contact informations.

    If you need commercial support, even for the free version, you can ask for
    with this mailadress too.