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Fix for new RGB-Masks storing mechanism

  • Carsten Klein
    Carsten Klein

    Hi Hervé,

    unfortunately, there is a couple of shortcomings in my recently submitted
    enhancements for storing RGB masks for 16 bit images in an MSDN compatible

    First, according to MSDN, using BI_BITFIELDS and thus using RGB masks for 32
    bit images is optional. If masks are not specified, that is, biCompression is
    set to BI_RGB, Windows handles 32 bit images as everyone would expect
    (including the usage of the alpha channel). Since FreeImage has no support for
    32 bit bitmaps with a different layout (non of the toolkit function will
    support such bitmaps), I decided to remove the RGB masks for 32 bit images.

    Second, it is wrong to set member biClrUsed of type BITMAPINFOHEADER to 3 for
    a bitmap with biCompression set to BI_BITFIELDS. Setting this member to a non-
    zero positive value signals the presence of a so called optimal color table
    (palette) with biClrUsed entries, following the 3 mask DWORDs. That color
    table is used to optimize colors on palette-based devices. Actually, setting
    biClrUsed to 3 without having that optimal color table leads to corrupt BMP
    files, that may crash or hang other applications (like IrfanView, for

    Additionally, doing so returns 3 from function FreeImage_GetColorsUsed (which
    is wrong) and also any function that depends on FreeImage_GetColorsUser
    returning zero for non palletized images, like FreeImage_GetDIBSize (actually
    we should think about including these 12 bytes into what FreeImage_GetDIBSize
    returns, since the RGB masks are actually part of the DIB size.).

    The reason why I set biClrUsed to 3 is obvious; it is a nice (but wrong) way
    to jump over these 12 additional bytes in function FreeImage_GetBits.

    So, now, there is a new line in FreeImage_GetBits, that adds sizeof(DWORD) * 3
    to the pointer, if the newly introduced public (exported) function
    FreeImage_HasRGBMasks returns TRUE (of course, the same could be done for
    FreeImage_GetDIBSize, if you think we should include the masks into the size).

    I'll send you a mail with the source files needing updates attached.


  • Hervé Drolon
    Hervé Drolon

    Hi Carsten,

    Thanks for the patch, it is now available in the CVS.
    However, I put the FreeImage_HasRGBMasks function declaration into
    "Utilities.h" instead of make it public. I don't think it can be useful to FI
    users, unless you tell me it is.


  • Carsten Klein
    Carsten Klein

    Hi Hervé,

    no, actually there is no need to make this function public. However, the
    comment on the function's declaration in Utilities.h is actually wrong. It is
    the comment of function FreeImage_GetRGBMasks...