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MinGW 4.8 FreeImagePlus.dll linking error

  • Rexona_for_men

    I get a linker error when trying to link the FreeImagePlus import library compiled with MSVC 2010. The errors look like: undefined reference to `_imp___ZNK8fipImage9getHeightEv'.
    I get no errors for any FreeImage function, though. So it seems to be a FreeImagePlus only thing.
    Perhaps it has something to do with the calling convections, although both FreeImage and FreeImagePlus are using the same, or?

    I tried to make a MinGW import library, as descriped in the MinGW.README. However, using dlltool on the created .def file gives me a syntax error (no additional information =/). So this did not help me either.

    E: Ok, I forgot that MSVC and GCC have a different name mangling. So the DLL must be compiled with MinGW.

    Any suggestions?

    Last edit: Rexona_for_men 2013-12-01