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Free Host 3270 / News: Recent posts

We're Back!

Art has kindly allowd me to become a project adminstrator for Free Host 3270. I am aware of several patches waiting to be applied that will be applied in the next few days. Please feel free to submit bug reports and feature requests while I try to figure out how Sourceforge works.

Posted by Jon Strayer 2005-12-17

Version 0.1 released

The first public release of FreeHost 3270, version 0.1, was made today. Interested developers and users can download the software or get anonymous CVS access at http://freehost3270.sourceforge.net.

Posted by Art Gillespie 2001-04-16

FreeHost3270 Moved to SourceForge and the LGPL

FreeHost3270 (Formerly RightHost3270, a commmercial product I developed at one in a long line of failed startups) was open-sourcified today. FreeHost3270 is a web-enabling system for legacy TN3270 applications. It delivers java applet 3270 Emulators to a limitless number of clients and proxies their connections back to the Host. It also provides an API and default implementation of an HTML based 'screen-scrape'. The FreeHost system is developed in Java, and deployed as a standard Web Application Archive (WAR). It should work in any Servlet 2.2 compliant container. (It's been tested on Tomcat 3.2.1) The code is available from CVS, and there will be a WAR/binary release in the next few days.

Posted by Art Gillespie 2001-04-12