tweaked freehost3270 binary assembly

  • Victor Anyakin
    Victor Anyakin

    Greetings to all,

    This time I would like to ask you, if there is somebody interested in
    testing/evaluating the version of the applet I have developed.

    Or, no, I wished to say, that I have tweaked freehost3270 a bit and if
    somebody is interested to see the results of my work, please let me
    know, and tomorrow I will try to distribute the binary assembly of the
    webapp that has the proxy, proxy launcher servlet, applet, the applet
    launching JSP page.

    • The Proxy features are almost the same as of the Proxy from the last src
      distribution of the freehost3270.

    • The applet features a better look (unprotected fields have slightly
      different background), navigation with <TAB>, <C-f>.

    • The whole web application is configured throught the web deployment
      descriptor (not so much configuration parameters, but, still).

    • System.out and System.err diagnostic messages are partially replaced
      by the java.util.logging methods.

    • Freehost3270 application was split into several interdependant
      the build echosystem moved from ant to maven-2.

    So, please, let me know if you are interested in evaluating this
    application and I will try to send you the binary assembly.

    Contact me on "anyakin at"

    With best regards,

    Victor Anyakin () ascii ribbon campaign
    /\ - against html mail

    • Markus Peters
      Markus Peters

      Hello Anyakin,
      nice to hear, that other people were also interested in continuing the project.
      In my environment the freehost is from interest too. Our focus was to get a cheap and stable 3270-Emulation. So we set our focus to a Java-Applet called from a Web-Server. We included SSL, clipboard-functionality, mouse-support, Swing-support and Printing. Perhaps we should share our releases.
      Unfortunately I have no experience to work on an open-source-project using CVS and other tools.
      kindlay regards