Hello John, et al,
I have just started to work with 2.8.0 which I extracted from the SourceForge tarball. 
I built a freeglut static library on Ubuntu Linux 10.10 with gcc 4.4.5 after running ./configure. 
I did not use the supplied makefile. I compiled with -O2 -Wall -pedantic -DHAVE_CONFIG

I came across some minor discrepancies:

  1. freeglut_internal.h VERSION_MINOR is defined as 7 not 8 so the freeglut version shows up as 2.7.0 not 2.8.0
  2. freeglut_gamemode.c has unused variables: event_base and error_base
  3. freeglut_gamemode.c has an unused function xrand_resize which is flagged because it is declared static

When the resulting library is linked with my application I found that XISelectEvents is unresolved. 
This a function from XInput2.h / libXi.a which was not needed for freeglut 2.6.0
Linking my application to libXi.a resolves this. Maybe I should have bound my static library to libXi.a beforehand?

My plan is to exercise gamemode and try a little profiling.