Someone has contacted me asking about the status of the auxiliary color buffers.  Would it be possible to put in the patch you mentioned?

John F. Fay
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Sent: Tuesday, October 05, 2004 9:59 AM
Subject: [Freeglut-developer] support for GL_AUX buffers

A while back I added support for AUX color buffers in Mesa.  When I
went to test it, I discovered that GLUT has no support for choosing
visuals/pixel formats that support AUX buffers.

Adding support for AUX buffers should be pretty easy and would be a
good project for a beginner to get his feet wet.  If nobody
volunteers, I'll try to check in a patch someday.

My expectation is that we'd define a few new tokens for glutInitDisplay():

#define GLUT_AUX1       0x0400
#define GLUT_AUX2       0x0800
#define GLUT_AUX3       0x1000
#define GLUT_AUX4       0x2000

One of these would get OR'd with the other flags passed to
glutInitDisplayNode() to indicate how many AUX buffers are desired.
Similarly, glutInitDisplayString() would take new 'aux' tokens.

Internally, we'd basically just have to update the visual selection
code a bit.


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