Welcome aboard, and I would be delighted to have the help!  You are right that there hasn't been a lot of activity on "freeglut" lately.  While I am officially one of the developers--and probably the most active online--I suffer from the handicap of not being able to put things into CVS.  (I work from behind a firewall and the security folks won't let me put a hole in it.)  As a result, changes and fixes languish and it appears that nothing is going on.  On top of this, I have been rather busy at my day job (and my family the rest of the time) in the past several months and haven't been able to give the project the attention that I would like to.

        The "exact workflow" between "freeglut" and OpenGLUT is rather unspecified.  The OpenGLUT project forked off of "freeglut" last February or so over a dispute about the direction of the project.  The "freeglut" project is designed to be a drop-in replacement for GLUT, with bugs and major irritations fixed, but without a lot of new functionality.  The OpenGLUT project is more developmental, with the OpenGLUT developers putting in things like off-screen rendering of windows.  I subscribe to the OpenGLUT developers' mailing list and try to keep a flow of ideas going between the two projects.  A bug fix that appears in one project should probably appear in the other one after a little time.  But many of the new features that OpenGLUT has should not go into "freeglut" because that is not the purpose of "freeglut."

        I think there have been enough improvements to warrant a new release soon.  I have raised the issue once or twice and haven't gotten much response.  I plan to raise it again late in January.

John F. Fay
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first of all thanks for a great SW! A really free alternative to GLUT
was desperately needed, especially given the very limited original main
loop behaviour.

I've been watching the freeglut development for some time now, and it
seems that although there are a dozen developers, nothing really happens
in the last few months. The last release is over a year old and there
are lots of small buglets in the tracker, most of which could either
be closed immediately or be fixed with tiny effort. Some people even
asked if this project is still alive, and I can understand their doubts.
I'd like to offer some help here, basically joining as a developer,
fixing some buglets and bringing the tracker more up-to-date. I still
don't understand the exact workflow between OpenGLUT and freeglut, so
I could keep the fixes in sync there, too, if this is wanted, but
currently my priority would be freeglut.

To my person: I've been developing SW for more than 2 decades now, doing
compiler and Java stuff for a living. As a private hobby I've been
contributing to the Haskell community ( since the
mid-90s, furthermore I've got a strong interest in computer graphics.
Therefore, a few years ago, I've developed Haskell bindings for OpenGL
and GLUT, see (the pages definitely need
an overhaul :-}, a bleeding edge API description is available at The GLUT binding is the main reason
that I'm very interested in freeglut, perhaps I'll extend it later to
cover some OpenGLUT features. I've submitted a few patches to several
SF projects already, e.g. including a few tiny ones for Mesa.

I'd be happy to help,

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