Sorry, I guess it's a bad habit of mine.  I like to do everything by e-mail ...

I'm putting them into the SF "feature request" now.  And we'll need somebody with admin privileges (Steve or JC) to deal with the ones that are already there.  I've fixed at least one of them myself (the glutMainLoop hack) and I think the other old ones have also been fixed.

John F. Fay

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Fay John F Contr AAC/WMG said:
> In the "comp.c" demo in the "advanced" directory, we find that we need a
> window to be defined before "glutGet (  GLUT_DISPLAY_MODE_POSSIBLE )" can
> be
> called.  GLUT does not have this restriction.  In "freeglut" there is a
> check at the  beginning of the "fgSetupPixelFormat" call and a few
> references to "window->" later in the function.
> John F. Fay

Are all of these on the Bug Tracker in SF[0]?  I see 4 bugs already there,
and it would be nice if we used a bug-tracking system for all of our bugs
(most of the bugs there are over 2 months old, some are over a year old!)

We should be checking on those bugs as well and perhaps add the bugs from
-bugs to this list?  I'd rather we didn't use mailing lists for bug
submittals (talking about bugs is fine, but they can get lost, especially




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