My application has a 3-d viewer.  The left mouse button rotates it; the middle button zooms in and out; and the right button translates it.  I just tried running it and indeed the middle button behaves differently from the left or right mouse buttons.

John F. Fay

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Subject: Re: [Freeglut-developer] middle button on win32 inoperative?

Fay John F Contr AAC/WMG wrote:
> Well, I didn't instrument "freeglut" itself, but my application receives
> middle button clicks and drags when I click the "middle button"
> (actually a mouse wheel).

Is it the same behavior you would get from the left button? That is what
I am experiencing, my (yes) middle-button-mouse-wheel works like the
left button (because of the WM_L* messages coming in on middle button use).

If one isn't using diagnostics to determine the message, the app has to
have some diff behavior for middle button to tell if it is being
correctly identified to the app.

> John F. Fay