Don Heyse and I (mostly Don so far) have been working on making the "freeglut" project a DLL.  Don, how far have you gotten on that?  I haven't had time to do much--read "anything"--on it.

John F. Fay

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> I thought I would see if I could get FreeGlut up and running under Win32
> (It certainly does run on Win32)

Great. I have VC++, but been doing only Lisp on Win32. Did C back on the
Mac. I'll have to make the VC++ project a DLL project to load from Lisp,
hopefully that will be a straightforward change, but if anyone knows
diff I'd appreciate a heads up. :)

>> But WinZip does not seem
>> to like the tar.gz's (which it normally handles without a problem):
>> "Error reading header after loading 0 entries."
> This sometimes happens when you download a .tar.gz file using Internet
> Explorer. 

This was from Netscape. Works all the time from there with the .tar.gz.
But i did consider downloading straight to disk and then opening, thx
for the impetus to go ahead and see what happens.


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