not to mention, getting Glib compiling on win32 can be a pain...
it'd be nice if freeglut had no external dependancies other than
opengl. just my 2 cents.

along your line of questioning, what the heck does freeglut
need a threading library for either? (pthreads-win32)


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> Subject: [Freeglut-developer] Oh-oh...problems.
> I see a problem ahead.
> The Mesa team want freeglut because they want to be bundled
> into Xfree - and
> Xfree require that EVERYTHING is released under the xfree license.
> freeglut *is* under the xfree license - but I've just re-read
> the README
> at the top of the distro which says:
>     It makes use of OpenGL, GLU, GLib and pthreads-win32
> libraries. GLib is
>     LGPL'ed and I hope I do not violate it's license by using
> it. In case this
>     is true, please notify me so that I remove GLib usage
> from the project.
> There is no legal issue with freeglut linking to GLib because
> that linkage
> only happens when the end user pulls these things together
> and it's his
> responsibility to make sure he doesn't violate LGPL in the
> process - HOWEVER,
> it's going to be a hard sell to make freeglut depend on an
> LGPL'ed library
> when the xfree guys don't allow LGPL'ed code in their release.
> Ack!
> So, I think we have to take Pawel's hint and remove whatever
> reference to
> GLib there is.  That's a good idea anyway because GLUT programs won't
> always be linking to GLib.
> So, what does freeglut use GLib for anyway?   I thought GLib
> did texture
> loading and stuff...what the heck would freeglut be loading
> textures for?
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