Unfortunately something has come up and I am not able to pursue this for several days.

John F. Fay
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Fay John F Contr AAC/WMG wrote:
> The ball is now in Steve's court ...

I kinda zoned out on this thread - and I don't know Watcom so I'm not much able to comment.

If it's necessary - then do it.  Anyone with CVS write access can create a directory.

But as usual - since it's virtually impossible to remove a directory from CVS once you've created it, I'd advise:

1) Think hard about whether you actually *need* it.
2) Think hard about whether you have it in the right place
    in the tree.
3) Think hard about the name.  Are you SURE it's the right
    name?  Does it 'fit in' with the style of directory names
    used elsewhere?
4) If all of these things convince you that this is a good
    idea then do it...but double-double check your typing when
    you issue the CVS 'add' command because mistakes are all-but

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