In the "TODO" file, the first entry is:

(1) In the Atlantis demo, under windows and with the task bar to the left of the screen, the GLUT window comes up in a position relative to the corner of the screen while the "freeglut" window comes up down and to the right of where it was the last time it was opened.

(This is using Windows.)  It appears that under GLUT for Windows, the default window position is (0,0).  With "freeglut" under Windows, there is a "CW_USEDEFAULT" defined constant that is used for the default window position.  When this is passed into the Windows "CreateWindow" function, the position comes up down and to the right of the previous position.

        My question for you is: do we change "freeglut" behaviour so that it matches GLUT, or do we keep it as it is?  The change is very easy:  simply replace the "CW_USEDEFAULT" to "0" in two places.  If X11 has similar issues, it may be a good thing to eliminate the "fgState.Position.Use" field and initialize "fgState.Position.X" and ".Y" to zero to begin with.

John F. Fay