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	I'm a little rusty on the subject, but I think the "gdb" error you
have stumbled upon is that the debugger cannot find the source file to
display the code at line 719.  The code is in another directory--if it is on
your system at all--and while there is a "gdb" command to tell the debugger
where to find it I don't remember what that command is.  (The "man" page
would help.)

	If the "freeglut" library had never been compiled into your
software, you would never have gotten as far as you have.  You would either
have gotten a link error (for static linking) or you would have gotten an
error at the very beginning of execution to the effect that the shared
library could not be found.

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Prior to the application which i'm working on now, i made a minimal demo
application utilizing freeglut. At least, so i thought.

In the current application - which is supposed to make use of freeglut as
well - i noticed something disturbing and now i think i've never been able
to successfully use freeglut at all - because the glut library never gets
initialized afaik!

I'm developing on ubuntu 12.04 lts, and installed freeglut3, freeglut3-dev
and freeglut3-dbg through apt-get.
A certain graphics.c includes <GL/gl.h> as well as <GL/freeglut.h>.
My Makefile compiles the sources as follows without error:

	gcc -Wall -g obj/main.o obj/graphics.o -lGL -lglut -o program

Debugging with gdb i stumbled upon this:

	glutInit (pargc=0x7fffffffdf5c, argv=0x7fffffffe058) at
	719 freeglut_init.c: No such file or directory.

Does this mean freeglut was never successfully installed, even though I used
a package manager?
I've tried building from source as well, but "make install" told me there's
nothing to be done.

Furthermore a few questions which i still seem to never understand or find
when reading an API, Where can i find information about compiling, which
header(s) to include?
How can i confirm freeglut is installed successfully and what's the
(free)glut library called?
How come i can open a (free)glut window while the glut library is not



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Yes you're right. I also confirmed i'm making use of freeglut with glutGet(GLUT_VERSION) and
freeglut specific functions.