Hello again,

    I asked this question some months ago and never got an answer, thought I'd give it another try.

    Basically what happens is this:

    My non-fullscreen application doesn't seem to detect that it needs to repaint after another application's window transits over it.

    For example: The application paints it's window and then waits for events by calling select with the socket acquired by doing this:

    Display * dpy = glXGetCurrentDisplay();
    SOCKET s = ConnectionNumber( dpy );

    And select DOES wakeup when an input event happens in the window.

    But if either the system screensaver comes on and then I move the mouse to dismiss it, or I drag a different application's window over the GL app, the select does NOT wake up.

    Is there an initialization option to make sure this would happen?

    I could use a timer and redraw the entire application window periodically but this would be wasteful.

    Is there a way to detect the damage?


On Tue, 2013-01-29 at 11:18 -0500, Jean-Claude Gervais wrote:

Sorry for the newbie question, but scouring Google for info about freeglut and screensavers yields too many results that have nothing to do with my question, so I thought I'd ask the horse's mouth directly, so to speak.

My freeglut app works well, but I've noticed that some types of events don't appear to be detected.

The app sits idle in a select call most of the time, until an event causes the select to return, triggering a repaint, which updates the display and then the app goes back into select, etc...

The problem appears when the system goes into screen-saver mode: The system screensaver comes on, blanking the screen. Once the mouse is moved or the keyboard is hit, the underlying freeglut app does not repaint, its window remains blacked-out.

I was wondering if there is a combination of flags I should be using to catch this case or to cause an event to be generated?

I hope my question is clear enough.

Thank you for your time
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