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Is there a subset of free-/openglut that conforms to
OpenGL|ES standard, or that runs on some other
embedded graphics library? Can glut be compiled for
ucLinux or winCE? Would it be reasonable?


  • Richard Rauch
    Richard Rauch

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    freeglut has been ported to WINCE. Project files for the
    Microsoft development suite should be included. The problem
    is that I think that the port was done in around March of
    2004. The last freeglut release was before that, so there is
    no *released* version of freeglut that supports WINCE. The
    next release should.

    There was also some discussion about using fixed-point
    types in a port of freeglut.

    Since you mention OpenGLUT:

    OpenGLUT imported the support for WINCE, but no one was
    willing and able to test it, and some of the patches for
    WINCE were deemed questionable. I personally doubt that
    the WINCE version of OpenGLUT compiles now. But it probably
    comes close. If you'd like to look into supplying fixes,
    you might get them accepted into OpenGLUT.

    If you want something that just works, freeglut's next
    release is probably what you will want.

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    Thanks for the information. I consider that pretty exciting
    news. I would like to contribute to something like that, but
    unfortunately don't have the time left (unless I could get it
    approved at work), and don't really have any direct
    experience with coding for WinCE (although I assume it's
    pretty much the same as Windows functions). I do tend to
    write my code fixed-point (although I hate that term, since
    the "point" is usually moving) when possible (why, I don't
    Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for the reply.

  • John F. Fay
    John F. Fay

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    The "freeglut" library has been implemented for Windows
    CE. I can't speak for OpenGLUT. Please put a request on
    the "freeglut" developer's e-mail list for details. I don't know
    whether you have downloaded a tarball and checked it out on
    WinCE; if you have, we would be very happy to hear how it
    went. There should be a new "freeglut" release soon and it
    would be a Very Good Thing to have working WinCE support.

  • John F. Fay
    John F. Fay

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