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#28 Include man pages in distro

Easy (28)

Please include some man pages in the distro. Man pages
have been around since year dot and are still a fast
way to look up information on a particular fuction,
especially when you are working in the console.

I don't see how you can claim freeglut is a
"replacement" for glut when It clearly doesn't have
everything that glut did.



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    If you want man-pages in your GLUT, you might consider
    OpenGLUT. OpenGLUT is presently API-compatible with
    freeglut, and you can isntall both at once. (OpenGLUT
    does not presume to overwrite the standard GLUT library.
    It is a fork of freeglut, so the API started off being,
    by definition, freeglut compatible.)

    OpenGLUT is still experimental and will eventually move
    in the direction of breaking some compatibility with
    historic cruft. But for now you can use the OpenGLUT
    man-pages as support documentation for freeglut.

    You can even download the OpenGLUT "doc" archive and
    just copy over the man-pages without installing OpenGLUT,

  • Darren Frith
    Darren Frith

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    Can the OpenGLUT man pages be included in the freeGLUT
    distro to create a more complete package and save myself
    (and others the effort)?

  • Richard Rauch
    Richard Rauch

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    The OpenGLUT man pages are released under the same general
    terms as the OpenGLUT project. Since OpenGLUT is a freeglut
    fork, the licenses are compatible.

    As with ANY part of OpenGLUT that is lifted into freeglut,
    full copyrights attributing the work to the OpenGLUT
    contributors (rather than to Pawel) are required. But that
    is no different than the freeglut license requiring that
    freeglut's authorship/copyrights be maintained. (I'm sure
    that freeglut deveopers would be upset if OpenGLUT lifted
    parts of freeglut and erased the copyrights of the parts
    in question, claiming them as pure OpenGLUT work.)

    However, the OpenGLUT man pages are generated from
    Doxygen-style comments in the OpenGLUT sources. The easiest
    way to maintain them is in OpenGLUT. Given Steve Baker's
    strong views against forking (odd, I think, for an open
    source project---but to each their own), I assume that
    Steve would be equally loathe to fork the OpenGLUT

    So the answer is "Yes and no." It could be done. The
    OpenGLUT license permits it. I'm not sure how likely it is
    to actually be done. It would require a lot of changes,
    would make sharing documentation updates harder, would use
    manpower that freeglut seems to be lacking at the moment,
    and would fly in the face of a deep conviction of the
    freeglut project owner.

    (Disclosure: I am one of the principle OpenGLUT developers.)

  • Richard Rauch
    Richard Rauch

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    I have opened a parallel RFE in OpenGLUT, for the sake of
    completeness. I assume that the OpenGLUT man pages are
    satisfactory, and will be closing it shortly.

    Please followup over on the OpenGLUT RFE if you have any
    comments about the OpenGLUT man pages.

    Thank you.