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#143 resolution changing

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from my understanding, entering game mode should change to the requested resolution if it's supported
problem is, on my system it doesn't, it just locks the screen placing the window in the top left hand corner...

i'm running Debian 5.0 Lenny which uses freeglut 2.4.0

from what i read on google freeglut uses the WM to request resolution change and it may work on some WMs (KWM) and not others (Metacity)

my suggestion is that on linux libxranr is used to do this instead

i don't know if this has been handled with the 2.6.0 release or not but i hope so and if not i hope it can be slated

thank you


  • Hi Зхэтадйк,

    In the current trunk there now is code that uses libxrandr (not done by me though) and this code path is used preferentially. could you try if it works for you now?


  • What you read on google is wrong, or you missunderstood it.

    The WM request you mentioned has to do with glutFullscreen, not game-mode, and is not for requesting video mode change, it just requests that our window should take up the whole screen without window manager decorations such as titlebars and frames. This should work for every window manager who comforms with the EWMH (_NET_WM_STATE) or motif-wm standards (should be pretty much everyone).

    Game-mode is only available on X servers supporting specific X extensions that allow changing the video mode, the core X protocol can't do that. The current freeglut versions first try XR&R for this, and if that fails fallback to XF86VidMode. Old versions used XF86VidMode only.

    • status: open --> closed-fixed