#377 Some better way of handling the category/action icon column

Jay Satiro

Thank you for your work on FreeFileSync. I am a new user and I have found your program very intuitive with these exceptions.

Earlier today I was using your program and unable to set individual file direction when the compare mode was 'File content'. I've since discovered that comparing via 'file content' sets the category/action column to 'Category' each time it is chosen, and in that mode the menu entries to set the individual file direction are unavailable. That was very confusing and took a while to figure out. Also I notice that depending on what compare mode is used the icons are different and that's also confusing.

For example today I found some VMWare .vmem memory files that were corrupted in their backup location (right side) and I want to overwrite the corrupt backups using the originals (left side).

When I had my file compare method set as 'File content' the files were marked using 'Items have different content' (equal sign with slash through it). I expected to be able to right-click on the files and set the direction to the right but I couldn't do that.

When I changed the file compare mode to 'File time and size' the files were marked using 'conflict/item cannot be categorized' (lightning bolt). Then I could set the direction then without a problem.

I don't know of a good solution for this. Eventually I figured out that when I was in 'File content' mode I would have to choose 'Action' instead of 'Category', but I suggest better user awareness of that column, making the icons more consistent depending on the compare mode or maybe moving the category column to a separate column entirely that will just show the category icons.



  • zhnmju123

    I agree the design of having two different views on the data, "category view" and "action view" is a little bit clunky. On the other hand I currently don't see a better solution.
    Implementing both views as two columns won't work in combination with the view filter buttons.

  • zhnmju123

    I've revised the design of the middle grid: FFS will now show two columns, category and sync action at the same time, but will highlight one of them instead of switching between them as before. Changing sync directions is now possible in both view as well as finding out the categorization without needing to change views. Additionally a new button in the "select view" panel brings more awareness of the two basic views on the data.

    Here's the updated version:

  • zhnmju123

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