"mirroring" problems, unable to create lock file- workaround?

  • CovenStine

    I have a server (that I don't directly administer) and I'm at a remote site, and using FFS on a local server (Drive E:) to mirror a couple folders from the remote server (mapped to F:).
    What I have FFS do is perform a single direction sync of a few folders that I use information from, but do not edit (and am not allowed write access to). I also have it sync a couple folders that I DO edit, and do have read/write permissions for.
    FFS works great in this task, but every day I get this error message:

    [11:00:01 PM] Warning: Cannot set directory lock for "F:\<folder1>\".
                           Cannot write file "F:\<folder1>\sync.ffs_lock".
                           Error Code 5: Access is denied. (CreateFile)

    now, I know it's a little thing, but it seems like FFS shouldn't be trying to write things to a directory that it isn't changing, but is only replicating all changes/deletions to a local folder.

    Is there any way to tell it to do so, or is this an overarching choice made by the team?
    Thanks for the info/assistance, and for a great program!

  • Zenju

    You can disable folder locking if you are sure you don't need it:

    • matt wilkie
      matt wilkie

      I have the same need, to periodically replicate from a read-only network source. I disabled the locks in GlobalSettings.xml, and now get a different error (Z: is the read-only source):

      Cannot write file "Z:\sync.tmp.ffs_db".  
      Error Code 5: Access is denied. (CreateFile)

      However even if it did work, I think there is benefit in accommodating read only sources without disabling locks globally.

      Last edit: matt wilkie 2014-04-16