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Mirror with Filter Excludes leaves Excludes on Right side

  • Slavomir Jakub
    Slavomir Jakub


    Recently switched to using FFS (ver 6.4) and I like it. I use it to mirror my music & video collection from my main computer to my XBMC server.

    I was using Toucan previously which is very fast, but... I found it was not mirroring everything! It was skipping entire folders/directories and files. Granted it was like 3 folders/directories out of 2000 and 20 files out of about 22,500. But that is still... Not good! I found this out with FFS! Thank You FFS!

    Toucan has a third Compare option which they call "Short Comparison" which is very fast. And I was wondering if such a feature could be added to FFS? What takes 40 minutes with FFS takes 10 with Toucan. The full compares are about equal.

    Something else when I Mirror and have some exclude filters set up or add some new folder/directories/files to the Exclude area of "Synchronization Settings" "Filters", I find they are excluded from the Compare/Synchronization when run. Which is good, because they should be when "Two Way" synching!

    Though when I do the actual Mirror, I feel the excludes should be deleted or at least asked for deletion from the Right side/destination. Because if I want to Exclude something, to me it means I do not want it in the mirror, even if it was there before. Maybe it could be an option to 'Delete Excludes from Right side (destination) when Mirroring' on the "Synchronization Settings" "Filters" page.

    Or maybe I missed the setting somewhere in the Advanced Settings. If I did, please help me here.

    Appreciate all the hard work everyone has put into FFS. Thank You.