Mac Files with out Extensions Issue and files with Extended Attributes (Color Coding)

  • dougan78

    Love the software. We have run into an issue on Macs when copying files.

    1. Files with no extensions do not copy properly. It will copy them over and leave the files as 0KB files. When it does the compare it says everything is good and of course it is not as the contents of the file were in fact not copied, just the name and a size of 0kb.

    2. Some Mac users use the color coding of the files and folders and this is stored in the extended attributes of the file system I believe. Is there a plan to support syncing this as well?

    The most pressing of issues is #1 the while #2 is more of a feature request. Thank you for any help!


  • Zenju


    I'm not able to reproduce this. A file called "no_file_extension" with 28 MB in size copies fine from and to a local folder. Do you have more information that might help diagnose this? When the file copy failed in the way you described, a subsequent comparison would detect and show this immediately.


    I'll investigate.

    • Ron Herrmann
      Ron Herrmann

      I believe dougan78 is referring to the feature in MacOS which allows us to either display all file extensions/suffixes, or not display them (this setting is found in the Finder Prefs>Advanced "Show all Filename Extensions). Additionally, we can choose to display or not display extensions on an individual file basis using the File "Inspector" (Option/Command-I). The simplest solution for dougan78 is to change everyone’s settings, but I imagine he'll experience a small revolt on the part of his various Mac users :-)