To Make This Project More Active & Appealing!

  • Michael Lauzon
    Michael Lauzon

    One of the things you should do, is advertise in the "Help Wanted" section of SF, for programmers, etc.

    Also, stop the need for Windows binaries, you've already got the application with C++ (can be used on any of the *nixs)...but the one thing you should drop is DirectX; use SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer:\) instead.

    Yes, I use Windows, and Linux, but I do not think there are any DMs for Linux, this is where I can see FDM come into the picture.

    • Greenknight32

      There are a few DMs for Linux. On the homepage of FlashGot (Firefox extension that integrates DMs with the browser) these are listed among the DMs it supports: "for Linux / FreeBSD / other Unix-like OSes (Aria, cURL, Downloader 4 X, GNOME Gwget and KDE KGet, wxDFast )".

      A Linux version of FDM isn't a bad idea, though.

    • Perhaps changing from using MFC to wxWidgets could be done to have a single source base for both Windows and Linux (and maybe even Mac).  I use to use some MFC and the change to wxWidgets was pretty easy.  But I don't know how well SDL integrates into applications using wxWidgets (there is a wxMediaCtrl however), so some of the media preview support may not be as strong.

    • ... is about. It's so cryptic that it will surely be overlooked. I almost posted a new thread. I might do it anyway. The case need attention. There's not one good GUI download manager for Linux. From the mentioned above:

      Aria - command line only, no longer maintained (?);
      cURL - command line only;
      Downloader 4 X - hangs every 5 minutes for me whether I install it from package or compile it myself;
      GNOME Gwget - does not have almost any configuration and doesn't work with FlashGot;
      KDE KGet - (my current DM) crashes at least once a day if you have a long download list and is generally miserable, especially with a lot of small files;
      wxDFast - (I'm the current Polish translator of it) damages files, is unstable at best, and didn't have a release since May 2007;

      There are even more picks:

      Aria2 - command line only;
      KGet 1.0 (Qt4) - is not here yet for the general public (though it looks promising);

      wget (and aria2) is still my first choice if I want to have something downloaded right.

      If someone is willing to port it please don't use wxWidgets. Check out wxDFast under both Linux and Windows. The interface is very unclean. I'd prefer Qt4, then GTK+, and even SDL would surely be better.

      • Ant Bryan
        Ant Bryan

        KGet 2 in KDE4 is very nice.

        depending on what distro you use, packages are probably ready.

        • Actually as I wrote before KDE4.0 has KGet 1.0, while KDE3 used the 0.x branch (e.g. 0.8.5 in my KDE 3.5.8). But that's of tertiary importance. I'm running Debian testing, and it's available in experimental. I should begin debugging it ASAP, as I hope it to be far superior to the previous edition.

          One way or the other FDM for Linux is better for everything.

          * FDM has a larger user base with many people that care about continuos development (hardcore Linux users);
          * more independent coders join in the project and/or submit patches;
          * FDM gets better because of the above;

          But I guess everyone knows that anyway. The problem is that they used Visual C++ to code it. I'm a Sunday school programmer so I may be wrong, but I guess that involves some (many?) specific implementations that would lead us to a fork in the project, rather than a much more simple port. Unless they switch to one of the cross-platform toolkit. Since they use multiple licences (they have some "branding" option listed on this could rule out e.g. Qt4 as a costly solution for non-FLOSS development.

          • Ant Bryan
            Ant Bryan

            if you try out KDE 4.0 you'll get KGet 2.0, the current version. it really is much nicer & has more features. I'm sure the team would welcome any bug reports & suggestions.

            I'd love to see a Linux version of FDM too.

            • Unfortunately the process of including KDE4 apps into Debian/unstable is not ready yet. I'd have to go for a complete KDE4 instead of KDE3 (not the best move) or wait a few days or a few weeks.

              The latest KGet version according to is 1.0, I had it installed on my mother's Kubuntu box as 1.0, so it is 1.0. End of argument. :-)

              • Ant Bryan
                Ant Bryan

                heheh it doesn't hurt to be wrong :)

                I'm running opensuse w/ KDE 4.0. waiting isn't a bad idea. KGet is open and the About KGet dialog clearly says I'm running version 2.0.

                I don't remember seeing a 1.0, that's not to say it didn't exist...but I think they skipped from 0.8.5 to the current 2.0. I followed development pretty closely in #kget & checked it out from svn to test metalink stuff.

    • khaosmind

      Anyway the linux port is a great need, what Marcin Trybus says is true "There's not one good GUI download manager for Linux." i ve tried them all and the best i could get is wxdfast and it crashes very often. All linux download managers are outdated and buggy. i dont know anything about programming so dont punch me but, you could use wine to make a port acording to this

      Winelib is a development toolkit which allows you to compile your Windows applications on Unix.

      good luck and please somebody make the linux port of this great app