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UIDE etc. (Dec. 12)

On Dec. 12, Jack Ellis again updated his UIDE etc. drivers. "UHDD and UDVD2 discontinued (very low use). UIDE /N2 now dismisses all CD/DVD logic. UIDE /C switch added for a separate CD/DVD cache. UIDE user-driver caching calls improved." Grab binaries and sources at iBiblio (yes, it's safe) under dos/cdrom/ellis.

Posted by Anthony Williams 2013-12-16

UIDE etc. (Nov. 21)

On Nov. 21, Jack Ellis updated his UIDE (etc.) drivers. Changes: "UHDD old style 'stand alone' driver re-added, to save 1000 bytes in UHDD.SYS! NO change to UHDD features or capabilities! Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only)." Grab binaries and sources at iBiblio under dos/cdrom/uide.

Posted by Anthony Williams 2013-11-23

UIDE etc. (Nov. 14)

The "UIDE" drivers by Jack Ellis have all been updated to 14-Nov-2013. In this update, UHDD and UDVD2 no longer support "private" caches for user drivers. Reasons for this are a bit involved - read below. As always, you can download binaries and sources from our FreeDOS mirror at iBiblio.

An abbreviated version of Jack's detailed notes are here:
CD/DVD "private caches" were NOT needed to support CD/DVD "kiosk" systems (no hard disk), in Hong Kong or elsewhere. [...] Second, no one yet (to my knowlege) has written any other driver that "calls" UHDD or UIDE to cache its data. [...] Finally, nobody showed ANY "interest" in caching old "video game" CDs for higher game performance. Either such CDs have "disappeared", or game players must now be using RAM-disk drivers, or whatever. [...] So, the 14-Nov-2013 UHDD and UDVD2 drivers are "put back" to having a single cache, that withing UHDD. [...] Any users who ever DO need a "private cache" can get the same results by loading the RDISK driver to set a RAM-disk for their data.

Posted by Jim Hall 2013-11-14


On Oct. 9, Mateusz Viste released FDNPKG 0.97, the FreeDOS package (network-aware) manager. Changes: * added a new action 'listfiles' to list files owned by a package,
* added proxy support for HTTP repositories, * added slovenian translations (thanks to Matej Horvat). Grab binaries and sources at iBiblio or SourceForge or just run "fdnpkg update".

Posted by Anthony Williams 2013-10-19

TestDisk 6.14

On July 30, Christophe Grenier released TestDisk 6.14, a data recover program to help recover lost partitions and/or make non-booting disks bootable again. Improvements: * testdisk /list now displays the disk model, serial number, firmware version and hpa or dco presence if detected * Recover WBFS (Wii Backup File System) partition * Make FAT RebuildBS works when there is a single FAT table * Interface: Display the partition table type if autodetected * Interface: modified warning about mismatching geometry between FAT or NTFS boot sector and HD geometry information * Interface: Remove "Allow partial last cylinder" option. Bug fixes: * Fix crc in EFI backup GPT * Rewrote how TestDisk aligns partition on cylinder or 1MB boundary: it avoids to create partition entry where the partition ends after the end of the disk. Grab binaries and sources at its homepage or mirrored on iBiblio under /util/system/testdisk.

Posted by Anthony Williams 2013-10-09

4tH 3.62.1

On Sep. 25, the Beez released 4tH 3.62.1 for various OSes (including DOS). Changes: "- Named execution tokens can be defined. - Static variable and array pointers can be defined. - The library files now support virtual memory, simple garbage collection, RfC 4180 compliant parsing, SEDOL numbers, Chi square calculations, runtime macros and several new sorting routines. - Several new date and time parsing functions were added to the library. - Several beta and gamma related functions were added to the floating point libraries. - The preprocessor now supports division and modulo with the new @divrm function. - Lot's of bugfixes!" The project has moved (formerly at Google Code), so grab binaries and sources at SourceForge or its homepage or mirrored on on iBiblio under devel/forth/4th.

Posted by Anthony Williams 2013-10-04

UIDE etc. (Sep. 25)

Jack Ellis (with Japheth's help) corrected a minor bug in his UIDE drivers: "BAD error fixed in UDVD2 re: locating UHDD!". As always, grab binaries and sources at iBiblio under /dos/cdrom/uide/.

Posted by Anthony Williams 2013-09-26

FlMail email client for DOS

Georg Potthast writes: "Using my FLTK port to DOS I developed a new graphical email client program for DOS. FlMail features SSL/TLS for both SMTP and POP and therefore works with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook/Hotmail, AOL and more email servers. It displays emails in text and simple HTML, supports multiple email accounts and features an addressbook. There is also a user guide in PDF format included which explains how to use the software. I recommend to take a look at it. It includes example setups for major email providers." You can download FlMail as a zip file at

Posted by Jim Hall 2013-09-18

UIDE etc. (Sep. 9)

Another week, another UIDE update. "Possible but unlikely UHDD exit errors corrected. UDVD2/UIDE now use all 32 CD/DVD LBA bits (not 30!) in caching CD/DVD data. Other drivers unchanged (re-dated only)." Grab binaries and sources at iBiblio under /dos/cdrom/uide . Thanks again, Jack.

Posted by Anthony Williams 2013-09-08

wcd 5.2.4

On Aug. 28, Erwin Waterlander released wcd 5.2.4, his Wherever Change Directory tool (similar to old NCD). This is a minor release, but read the full changelog here. Grab 16-bit and 32-bit binaries (optionally with NLS support) at his homepage or on iBiblio under /util/user/wcd .

Posted by Anthony Williams 2013-08-30

UIDE etc. (Sep. 2) - UPDATED

Jack Ellis has been working hard again. "UHDD now runs from a 28-byte parameter table, as described in its UHDD.TXT file. UDVD2 now accepts a /S cache-size switch (same values up to 4-GB as for UHDD/UIDE), to set a 'private' CD/DVD cache using such a table! Without /S, UDVD2 works as before, using UHDD's 'common' cache! Other user drivers can do the same! Video-game players can load UHDD and then load UDVD2 /S700 (or less), and the entire CD game will get cached privately, same as a RAM-disk! 'CD/DVD only' users can load UHDD /Snnn /N1, then load UDVD2 with no /S switch -- /N1 will save 848 bytes and make UHDD a 'cache only' driver that UDVD2 can still call! Users of disks and CDs/DVDs can run on only UHDD's cache as before, set a 'private' CD/DVD directory-only cache with UDVD2 /S15 /UD, or have a full 'private' cache for CDs/DVDs with UDVD2 /Snnn (no /UD). UCACHE2 deleted, since UHDD now runs MULTIPLE caches including its own!" Grab binaries and sources on iBiblio under /dos/cdrom/uide/ . UPDATE: "Possible UDVD2 'media-change' error fixed. UHDD /N1 size reduced. Other drivers unchanged, re-dated only."

Posted by Anthony Williams 2013-08-27

UIDE etc. (Aug. 20)

On August 20, Jack Ellis again updated his suite of UIDE drivers. "The
20-Aug-2013 DRIVERS.ZIP now includes the new UCACHE2.SYS, a 'cache only'
driver. UCACHE2 has no device I-O logic and is called by 'user' drivers,
e.g. UDVD2, that desire caching. Those wanting fast CD/DVD speed without
the larger UHDD/UIDE, and those needing a private CD/DVD cache
(video-gamers, etc.) can load UCACHE2 and then UDVD2. Separate CD/DVD
and disk/diskette caches ARE possible by loading UCACHE2 + UDVD2, then
loading UHDD! UDVD2 is upgraded to 'look for' and call UHDD as before,
or UCACHE2, whichever it 'finds' in memory first. No changes to XMGR/
RDISK/UHDD/UIDE except re-dating them to 20-Aug-2013." Grab binaries
and sources on iBiblio under /dos/cdrom/uide/ .

Posted by Anthony Williams 2013-08-22

Mined 2013.23

On August 18, Thomas Wolff released Mined 2013.23 for various platforms, including DOS via DJGPP. Major enhancements in this release: Editing: * New double-click feature for word selection. * Tweaks on smart editing features (undent, wrap, identifier search etc). Filename handling: * Suppressing backup file names as generated by command line auto-completion. Character information: * Updated to Unicode 6.2. Interworking: * Speed-up of directory browsing. * Revamped file information statistics to accomodate slow systems. Bug fixes: * Explicit tab width option (-4/-8) takes precedence over file info memory. * Fixes related to NUL or NONE pseudo lineends. Grab binaries and sources at or on iBiblio under /edit/mined/ .

Posted by Anthony Williams 2013-08-22

CPI Editor 1.3c

Balthasar has updated his CPI editor, which now allows editing the shape of characters, remove or create fonts, remove or create codepages. It has a graphical user interface and can be controlled with the keyboard or mouse. It reads cpi or cpx files, and writes cpi files. The new version also includes some user interface improvements (dialog boxes can now be closed by Esc, warnings before removing a font or codepage or closing the program when a cpi is open). Download from

Posted by Jim Hall 2013-08-14

UIDE drivers updated

Jack Ellis has released a minor update to his drivers: "UHDD/UIDE save 600 bytes of runtime (HMA) space by omitting their binary-search buffer and related code (they did not improve speed very much). Their /F switch is now deleted, and UHDD/UIDE will always set 64K blocks with a cache of 80-MB+, for faster speed if using protected-mode. Minor UDVD2 size reductions. XMGR/RDISK unchanged, re-dated only." This version has also been mirrored to ibiblio.

Posted by Jim Hall 2013-07-29


Mateusz released a new version of FDNPKG. This version brings a bunch of nice enhancements like better user feedback during download or smaller memory footprint. It also fixes a few really annoying bugs. If you already use FDNPKG, a simple 'FDNPKG update' will bring you to the latest version. If you don't use FDNPKG (yet!), then it's available for download from the FDNPKG website.... read more

Posted by Jim Hall 2013-07-22

CPI Editor 1.2b

Rowery made a CPI editor for DOS, in hopes it will be useful. It allows you to edit the shape of the characters, remove or create fonts, remove or create codepages, etc. It has a GUI and can be controlled with the keyboard or mouse (if there is a mouse installed). But it doesn't support *.cpx files yet. Distributed under GNU GPL v3. Download from

Posted by Jim Hall 2013-07-22


Mateusz Viste writes: "I am glad to announce the release of a new version of the FreeDOS network package manager: FDNPKG v0.95! This release is the result of a few days of my work. I cleaned up the code pretty extensively, rewriting some of the biggest modules, added a few cool features and fixed a bunch of bugs. Some of the nice features are: support for gopher repositories and support for LZMA packages. ... If you are already a happy fdnpkg user (and using the v0.94), you can make it update itself via the command 'fdnpkg update fdnpkg'. The main website of FDNPKG has changed, now it's hosted at sourceforge"... read more

Posted by Jim Hall 2013-07-12

HimemX 3.34

On June 23, Rod Pemberton posted a patch for HimemX that would hopefully add support "to use multiple 001 E820h memory blocks" (which may exist due to AGP). This patch is unofficial and experimental, so experienced testers are greatly welcome. Grab the binary and source on iBiblio here, and report feedback on BTTR Forum or news://comp.os.msdos.programmer .

Posted by Anthony Williams 2013-07-08

Blocek 1.4

On June 27, Laaca updated Blocek 1.4, his graphical text editor and image viewer using modified VenomGFX 8.4. What's new: detect DOS code page for using with Unicode; some VESA BIOSes or drivers are buggy so VESA3 functions can be disabled now; block operations (nine clipboards); system information window. Grab 386+ GO32V2 binaries and FreePascal (GPL) sources at his website or from iBiblio.

Posted by Anthony Williams 2013-06-28

FreeBASIC 0.90.0

On June 24, dkl announced FreeBASIC 0.90.0 (the successor to version 0.24.0 from Aug. 2012). This release has been mirrored to iBiblio, but you can also find it on SourceForge. To learn the most important changes, see their news announcement. For full changelog, see here.

Posted by Anthony Williams 2013-06-26

New taprouter

Taprouter allows you to get internet connectivity from within any TAP interface. The main use case is to provide networking to virtual machines or alike. An update from Mateusz Viste: "I spent a few hours on taprouter today, therefore I am releasing a new version now. The biggest (most visible) change is that I wrote a DHCP server module. This makes taprouter easier to use, because there's no need anymore to configure manually wattcp and/or mtcp configuration files in DOSemu - the whole IP configuration will be delivered automatically via DHCP. There have been also a dozen of bugfixes here and there, that I haven't noted down." Download and detailed instructions available at

Posted by Jim Hall 2013-06-24


Mateusz Viste released an update to the FreeDOS package manager. FDNPKG v0.94 brings support for offline (on disk) repositories, and update features (FDNPKG is able to update itself now). "Since now, FDNPKG is not requiring networking anymore to be useful - one could imagine burn a CD with latest packages, and use it to update any offline FreeDOS system. Or even use FDNPKG to install a whole FreeDOS system from scratch." FDNPKG is available at

Posted by Jim Hall 2013-06-24

FreeDOS localisation has moved

Mateusz Viste recently announced the FreeDOS localisation project has moved to a new location at SourceForge: "I moved it for two reasons: 1. to make it easier for possible contributors to contribute (I can provide svn access to translators on request), 2. to make the URL look more 'official'. I couldn't find any way to make the thing update its translation files from SVN by itself, so the synchronization still requires a manual action." Any contributions are welcome!

Posted by Jim Hall 2013-06-24

hexed 1.2e released

On June 11, Chris Evans released a new version of hexed, his hex file editor. Version 1.2e fixed some compile time errors. The web page has moved to SourceForge at, or you can download the new version here:

Posted by Jim Hall 2013-06-24