#48 FreeCOM could assume /P if it sees it is started via SHELL

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Eric Auer

Moved from Bugzilla item 1798, as it is more
a feature suggestion than anything related to
fixing any bug :-).

2004-06-30 By Arkady:

Have FreeCOM detect that it had been started via SHELL= and assume an absent /P.

One can probe for being started by the kernel by the fact that the program's
Parent PSP is the DOS_PSP, which can be identified by that DOS_PSP.ParentPSP == 0.

Comment Eric (EA) 2004-07-14

Changing from "should" to "could".

Other shells sometimes allow leaving the master shell
(can be useful) and sometimes do not (avoids things like
command line history getting lost if the master shell
is accidentally left). The kernel will allow you to start
the shell (or another shell, depending on the kernel user
interface) when the master shell exits.

My personal opinion is that the user should be given the
choice to omit /P deliberately even for the master shell
(the one which is started via SHELL=).


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