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A year later...still not much activity...

  • Paul

    Is anyone alive here?  In the last year I have been running Linux exclusively (Ubuntu) and decided to take another crack at scantool.

    I am really trying not to use any Windoze products and would love for Scantool to work.

    I have a 1996 BMW 328i, and a 2001 Mercury Cougar at my disposal for testing.

    I have a BR3 interface I bought a year ago and have only been able to get the Windoze SW working on it.

    I bought the BR3 thinking it was going to be the best bang for the buck, but now I am wondering.

    Does anyone know if it works using the BR1 designation for scantool?  Or do I have to change the interface address for a BR3?

    This forum just seems so dead...has it moved somewhere else and I just don't know about it?


    • Amatus

      Hi Paul,
      I have a 1996 328is, tried to build my own serial interface but got really flaky communication with it. Then I bought the Multiplex Engineering T16-013 and had no problem (after I found out the INTERFACE_ADDRESS in diag_l0_me.c had to be changed to 0x22).

    • CSB

      I doubt very much the BR-3 uses the same protocol as the BR-1. Support would need to be added to the code.
      I think the BR-3 website has some information about its protocol, you could compare that to the code in diag_l0_br.c
      and see what changes need to be done. It's possible that there will be much in common between the two...

      I'm trying to stir freediag out of its grave - if you can help, I'm sure we could make it to 1.0 !! Or v0.4. That would
      already be pretty nice.

    • Hi there. Just discovered you from http://www.thinkythings.org/obdii/

      Was thinking that a live distro with Freediag would be great - persist data to usb stick...

  • jamesT

    I've got a UK 1996 BMW 750, that I'm trying to get to work with OBD.
    Did you get anywhere, I realise it's been 2 years now?

    I'm currently trying carsoft 6.5.06 on windows with a VAG-COM USB. I've got an OBD-BMW 10pin round, at the moment all i'm getting is a 'faulty cable' message….
    Any help on your experiences would be great.


  • jamesT

    D'oh, didn't see the other 3 posts….

    Are you connected with the OBD2 connector in the centre console or the round connector under the bonnet?
    In the UK they did not provide the OBD2 connector until later (perhaps 1998-2001) and that was EOBD (very similar I believe).
    So basically I'm wondering whethe freediag will work with a VAG-COM interface using USB on a 1996 UK BMW connecting to the round connector under the bonnet?

    Thanks in advance.